How to Create a Cosy Living Room

How to Create a Cosy Living Room

A cosy living room should exude warmth, comfort, and a welcoming ambience and be where family and friends can gather to relax, unwind, and create lasting memories.

Bear in mind; cozy living rooms involve more than just soft furnishings! Other factors, such as colour scheme and mood lighting, are crucial in creating a cozy feel for your living space.

If you want to transform your living space into a cosy haven, we've got you covered.

In this article, we'll explore various cozy living room ideas to help you create an inviting space that embraces relaxation and tranquillity.


Tips to Make Your Living Room Feel Cozy

Choose a warm colour palette

interior designer colour sample

It's very important for everyone to understand that colours will set the tone for a room.

Our advice is to go for neutral tones. It's not just a stylish living room option - a neutral colour palette helps to create the perfect backdrop for your decor and furnishings.

Or, if you favour darker shades, opt for warmer, earthy tones like deep reds and warm browns and complement them with light and highly textured furniture and textiles.

These warm tones will bring a sense of comfort to your home and help you relax after a tiring day.


Layer with textures

cozy living space coffee table set

Wave rattan sofa set


Another key element to creating a cosy living room is layering different textures, creating an illusion of depth and adding visual interest to the space.

The easiest way is by investing in focal furniture pieces like a rattan sofa or coffee table.

Different combos of textures will make your living room cozy and inviting. For ultimate cosiness, consider a selection of throws in various hues that coordinate with your chosen colour scheme.

We highly recommend incorporating soft textures, plush fabrics like faux fur, velvet, knitted throws, and pillows on your sofas and armchairs to snuggle and lounge. You can also indulge yourself with wool and silk fabrics.

Want a more luxurious feel? No problem! Add a high-pile rug to appear more stylish and bring warmth to the floor.


Enhance lighting

soft light

Mood lighting can significantly influence the mood of your living space. Aim for a combination of natural and artificial lighting to create a sense of balance throughout the living room.

During the day, allow ample natural light to flood through sheer curtains or blinds. When the natural light comes into contact with the textures and tones of the furniture, it will make the room more cosy and live-in.

If you live in a more enclosed space, consider installing wall lights or ceiling lights to create an inviting undertone throughout the space.

Pick table lamps with warm light bulbs for cosy evenings, casting a warm glow to the room and creating a cosy ambience for you to wind down.

Porto rattan lampshade

If you have hanging ceiling lights, you can just switch out its lampshade! Try something like our rattan lampshades which dim down the intensity of the light and cast a warm glow.


Personalise with photos and artwork

cozy spaces

When it comes to making a living room cosy, one of the essential ideas is reducing the amount of open space available. And the best way to do it?

With personal, sentimental items, of course!

Imbuing your unique identity into your interior design will always achieve a homey, lived-in feeling that will be sure to put you and your guests at ease.

Let yourself be creative and original - you can create an eclectic gallery wall with prints of your favourite artists, posters, or vintage finds. Consider sticking up your children's art, or join in and create something with them to personalise your home!

living room design

Swan open shelves with a drawer


If you want to keep your walls clear, you can install open shelves to place family portraits, travel memories or artworks with sentimental value.

These personal touches will add character to your living room and create a warm and inviting space!


Introduce natural elements

Bringing nature indoors is a sure way of increasing the cosiness of your room!

Indoor plants are a must in cosy spaces, adding a touch of greenery and fresh air. Try getting self-sufficient plants like succulents or a snake plant so you don't have to worry about forgetting to water them!

Petal mirror


Besides that, natural materials like wicker, rattan, stone, and wood can be introduced through furniture pieces or decorative accents to create a warm and organic feel.

Learn how to incorporate rattan accessories into your home! []


Stina small 2 seater rattan sofa


Transforming your living room into a cosy retreat is an achievable goal with the right ideas and elements. Embrace these ideas, and soon you'll have a cosy living room that becomes the perfect haven for relaxation and enjoyment.

Remember, the small details and thoughtful touches make all the difference in creating a cosy atmosphere!


Elevate Your Home Both Inside and Out with Hemma's High-quality Furniture Pieces


Stina rattan small living room set


Hemma Singapore offers you some of the best collections of furniture and accessories that truly make a home stylish and inviting!

Unlike other furniture stores, we've skipped the showroom and focused instead on selling high-quality, sustainable pieces at direct factory prices online. This no-frills approach to furniture shopping and our use of natural materials strengthens our commitment to a greener future.

As a fully online store, we absorb any costs we can to ensure Singaporeans get to have excellent furniture without breaking the bank. Thus, we provide free delivery (T&C applied) directly to your home!

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Incorporating Rattan Accessories as Alternative Home Decor

Incorporating Rattan Accessories as Alternative Home Decor

Rattan is one of the more popular materials used in making home decor.

However, some may wonder - why?

Well, the consensus is that rattan serves as a more durable, natural and versatile material on top of being organic and giving off a timeless appearance.

Hence, many homeowners integrate rattan accessories into their home decor to add a touch of natural elegance and sustainability.

But if this is your first time venturing into the world of rattan, you might find it difficult to incorporate this material into your current home aesthetic.

In this article, we will give some ideas on using rattan accessories in various areas of your home.


Rattan is not just for rustic interior design!

Before we start, let's get one thing out of the way: It's a common misconception that rattan may only be used for beach or rustic decor.

Here at Hemma, we're changing the way people think about this natural resource by turning it into high-end furniture and decorations that exude modern elegance and suit a wide range of decor preferences.

The natural elegance of rattan is on full display in our pieces while also boasting a contemporary aesthetic thanks to their clean lines and careful construction.

We have a wide variety of rattan furniture and accessories that are sure to complement your existing furnishings, adding a touch of elegance and natural beauty to every room, whether you have a minimalist or bold interior design.


Ideas for Incorporating Rattan Accessories at Home

Stools & side tables

Rattan Foot Stool


One of the easiest ways to incorporate rattan into your home decor is by using stools and side tables. Rattan stools can serve dual purposes – as a seat or as a plant stand – making them perfect for small spaces.

They are a great way to complement your existing decor while also bringing a new dimension of texture and warmth to your room.

Rattan side tables, on the other hand, can provide a touch of nature to your living area or bedroom. We've paired them with a glass tabletop for a mix of natural and modern elements.

These tables are sure to be an elegant addition to any room, whether you opt for a piece with a minimalist, streamlined design or one with a more intricate, woven style.

Storage & organisation

Storage can be more than just functional.

Beautiful and practical additions to any home, rattan baskets, shelves, and chests are strong and versatile, allowing you to store everything from pillows and blankets to games and books without being an eyesore.

Latitude curve cabinet


Due to its organic and neutral colour, it can effortlessly blend with different types of interior design themes. For a bold look, consider a piece with a darker stain, or keep it light and airy with a natural or whitewashed finish.

A rattan shelf is a stylish way to display your book collection or organise your personal items in the living room or bedroom.

CECILIA Tall Storage Chest


If you're looking to add storage to your living room, a rattan chest offers ample storage for magazines, remotes, or games.

It can also be an ideal storage solution in a bedroom or entryway - perfect for items like extra linens, out-of-season decorations, or even shoes.

Divider screens

Jules rattan room divider screen


Rattan divider screens are a versatile and stylish addition to any room. They can serve as room dividers, provide privacy in shared spaces, or be used to section off areas for different uses.

For example, in a large living room, a rattan divider screen is a great way to section off a small reading nook or a play space for the kids. It also works to create dedicated functional sections in open-concept living spaces, such as the living room and dining room.

These screens aren't just practical – they're also stunning design pieces that make a great conversation starter and the focal piece for any room.

Decorative accents

Petal mirror


No home decor project is complete without decorative accents, and rattan is perfect for this.

The beauty of rattan is that it brings a unique texture and depth to your space. The woven pattern of rattan lends a tactile element that other materials lack, providing a visual interest that can break up a room dominated by smoother textures.

Rattan mirrors, for instance, can make a room appear larger while also providing an aesthetic appeal.

Texture and dimension can be added to walls and ceilings with rattan decor as well, such as lampshades or headboards.


Basket bedhead in rattan


Elevate your home with Hemma today!

Hemma Singapore offers you a wide selection of stylish, high-quality rattan furniture for your needs, whether you want to decorate your living room, dining area, outdoor spaces or bedroom.

Unlike other furniture stores, we've skipped the showroom and focused instead on selling high-quality, sustainable pieces at direct factory prices online.

Best of all, we also offer custom rattan accessories and outdoor furniture for pieces that are uniquely yours!

As a fully online store, we absorb any costs we can in order to ensure Singaporeans get to have excellent furniture without breaking the bank.

Order now and transform your home effortlessly!

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Rattan & Sustainability: Is It Really More Eco-friendly?

Rattan & Sustainability: Is It Really More Eco-friendly?

The concept of sustainable furniture is getting increasingly popular among many Singaporean households, leading to a re-emergence of rattan furniture in the home decor scene.

Unlike other materials, rattan is one of the most popular sustainable materials in making furniture. More and more local communities have started using rattan in their manufacturing to support a greener future.

Certainly, it doesn't hurt that the natural material exudes timeless beauty and elegance.

Having said that, some may still question whether rattan is actually as eco-friendly than advertised. Worry not; this article is here to provide an answer for you!


Why is rattan considered sustainable?

Rattan plant: Calamus thwaitesii in southwestern India

Natural rattan shares similar characteristics with bamboo - both grow fast and produce wood-like materials.

Growing rattan encourages forest retention as harvesting them is typically done by hand, which causes minimum damage to the forest structure and native wildlife.

Additionally, rattan is a solution to the scarcity of resources problem in the design world. After harvesting them, they can grow back within five to seven years.

Hence, producing sustainable rattan is a great way of protecting the ecosystem processes and endangered species.

Bear in mind natural rattan furniture is made completely from plant fibres with no additions. If you are unsure whether your rattan furniture is sourced sustainably, you can check with the supplier!

Rattan also provides a stable source of income for rural and indigenous households.

local communities supported

As we have established, rattan is a naturally renewable palm that is primarily used for furniture, handicrafts and building material, among other uses.

Rattan can be typically found in the tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australia. Rattan farming has become vital to rural people's livelihoods as it provides a sustainable income and generates employment.


Is rattan biodegradable?

Bergamo rattan lampshade - Hemma Singapore

Yes, it is! Only natural rattan, that is.

This is why you should care for your natural rattan furniture with natural products such as rattan oil.

Word of advice: do not paint your rattan furniture or coat them in a layer of varnish if you want them to decompose naturally without harming the environment.


What about wicker? Are they the same as rattan?

Many may confuse wicker and rattan together. However, they are not the same!

rattan vine manufacturing process

Rattan is a material, while wicker is a technique.

Wicker furniture could be made from rattan, but not the opposite.

Learn more about rattan vs wicker here! []


Is rattan furniture durable?

eco friendly furniture

Rattan is a durable material that can withstand various environmental conditions.

With proper care, high-quality rattan furniture can have a long lifespan, thus reducing the need for frequent replacements. By investing in durable rattan furniture, you can minimise waste and resource consumption over time.

Want to know how to properly maintain and take care of your rattan furniture? Check out our tips & tricks []


Get Sustainable Rattan Furniture from the Comfort Of Your Home!

Hemma Singapore is an online furniture store located in Singapore with a wide selection of stylish furniture such as coffee tables, side tables, TV consoles, storage, bed frames, sideboards, and living and dining room furniture.

One of our commitments is using natural materials as a step towards a greener future.

Hence, we offer a variety of curated furniture made from rattan. You can also request a customised piece that is uniquely yours!

As a fully online store, we absorb any costs we can to ensure Singaporeans get to have excellent furniture without breaking the bank. Thus, we provide free delivery (T&C applied) directly to your home.

Get started on your sustainable home today!

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How to Care for Rattan: Maintenance & Cleaning Tips for Furniture

How to Care for Rattan: Maintenance & Cleaning Tips for Furniture

If you own rattan furniture in your house, this article is for you!

As we all know, rattan furniture has a timeless appeal and natural beauty that adds a touch of elegance to any space. On top of that, buying rattan furniture is a cost-effective decision due to the material's durability and timeless aesthetic appeal.

However, if you've ever owned rattan furniture, you might wonder: is there a proper way to care for it? Is just wiping sufficient?

Not to worry! In this article, we will provide some expert maintenance and cleaning tips to help you care for your rattan furniture effectively.


Before you begin

wicker furniture

These are the basic tools/materials you'll need to clean rattan furniture:

  • Duster

  • Small brush

  • A vacuum cleaner with an upholstery brush attachment

  • Dishwashing liquid

  • Microfiber cloth

  • Water containers

  • Soft dry cloth

  • Rubber gloves (optional)

  • Spoon or dull knife (optional)

  • Compressed air (optional)


How to Clean Rattan Furniture

Guide for outdoor rattan (garden) furniture cleaning

Regardless if it is natural or synthetic rattan furniture, whether you keep it in the shade or directly exposed, outdoor furniture tends to build up more dust and debris as it is exposed to various weather elements.

Before starting to clean, remove the seat cushions and other detachable accessories. Then, move the furniture to an area where you can manoeuvre the furniture easier. Use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to remove surface dirt and dust.

Here is where things start to differ a bit depending on the type of furniture you have:

Natural Material

rattan garden chairs

  1. Fill in a container with a mix of warm water and dishwashing liquid. Wipe over the furniture with a soft cloth soaked with the solution.

  2. Optional: Use a soft-bristled toothbrush or another soft brush to get into the crevices and hard-to-reach areas.

  3. Wipe away the soap with clean water and a different clean cloth. You might need to wipe it down several times to ensure there is no soap residue.

  4. Finally, wipe the furniture dry with a microfibre cloth. If needed, sun it until completely dry.

REMEMBER: Avoid using natural rattan if you plan to directly expose the furniture to the natural elements.

Worried about the longevity of your natural rattan despite placing it in a sheltered spot?

In this case, you may apply a hardwood garden furniture treatment once a year, but this should not be necessary.

Synthetic material

  1. Fill in a container with a mix of warm water and dishwashing liquid. You may use a cloth to wipe it, similar to the method mentioned above. You may also directly apply the solution and get scrubbing with a soft bristled brush.

  2. Wipe away the soap from the furniture with clean water using another cloth or directly rinse using a garden hose. Avoid using a high-pressure setting to avoid damage.

If you frequently use outdoor furniture or notice that it gets dirty quickly, we recommend doing this every two weeks. Otherwise, once a month should suffice.


Guide for indoor rattan furniture cleaning

Despite not being as exposed, indoor rattan furniture will collect dust just like the rest of your home.

Here are the steps for your monthly cleaning:

  1. Use a feather duster or vacuum cleaner with an upholstery brush to remove dust. Use a small, soft-bristle brush if you need to reach inside the crevices. Besides that, you can also use compressed air to remove stubborn dust build-up.

  2. Prepare a soap solution with warm water and prepare another for rinsing.

  3. Soak a soft cloth in the cleaning solution and carefully wipe down the furniture. Make sure to rinse the cloth frequently!

  4. Use a clean, microfibre cloth to dry the damp parts and allow the rest of the piece to air dry.

If you're using them regularly, there is also a high chance for the furniture to get accidental stains that need to be cleaned out quickly.

If there is a stain on the furniture, wipe it away as soon as possible.

You can gently remove a dried stain using a dull knife or a spoon (avoid rubbing it into the woven fibres!). Afterwards, use a damp cloth to wipe the affected area and let it air dry.


Additional maintenance tips for your rattan furniture!

  • If there is mould or mildew on your rattan furniture, remove it immediately! Use a strong bleach solution to treat the contaminated area, and remember to wear protective gloves. Do not soak the rattan; move it into the sun to dry quickly once the stain has gone.

  • Always check for split or broken areas when carrying out the maintenance routine. If water or cleaning solutions seep into these exposed areas, it could deteriorate your furniture and cause mould or mildew growth.

  • Lift your furniture when moving them instead of dragging them, as this will break the fibres. Use felt pads or rubber caps on rattan furniture legs to minimise cracking.

  • Natural fibre fades, which is not necessarily a bad thing; it is merely a natural process. To ensure that it fades evenly, rotate the furniture regularly, especially if you have it near a window. You might also consider placing the furniture away from direct sun.

  • Keep natural rattan furniture away from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, as rattan can warp and turn brittle from overly drying out. Natural plant fibres require a certain level of humidity so as not to dry out and split.

  • To maintain suppleness and prevent rattan furniture from drying out, we highly recommend applying boiled linseed oil or wood oil every six months. Ensure the furniture is dry and clean before applying the oil with a soft cloth.


Looking for high-quality yet affordable furniture? Hemma Singapore is exactly what you need!

Hemma Singapore is a fully online store with a wide selection of stylish furniture such as coffee tables, side tables, TV consoles, storage, bed frames, sideboards, and living and dining room furniture.

Alongside that, we also offer custom rattan and outdoor furniture for pieces that are uniquely yours!

Unlike other furniture stores, we've skipped the showroom and other intermediaries to focus instead on selling high-quality, sustainable pieces at direct factory prices online.

We absorb any costs we can to ensure Singaporeans get to have excellent furniture without breaking the bank.

You can shop for quality designer furniture without leaving your home or paying steep prices! Free delivery (T&C applied) on all orders!

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Wicker vs Rattan: What's the Difference?

Wicker vs Rattan: What's the Difference?

Regarding furniture and home decor, terms like wicker and rattan are often used interchangeably during conversations. So, it is unsurprising that many would get confused over the meaning of both terms.

That said, wicker and rattan are two completely different things!

Understanding the difference between both materials can help you make informed choices when selecting rattan and wicker furniture pieces for your home.

In this article, we will explore the characteristics of rattan vs wicker and how they differ.


What is wicker?

wicker baskets

Wicker refers to a weaving style used to create furniture rather than a specific material. It involves weaving flexible materials together to form a sturdy and durable structure.

While most wicker weaves were made from natural materials in the past, they are now mostly made with synthetic materials, such as synthetic rattan, or coated with a plastic or synthetic resin, making them weather-resistant compared to natural materials.

Hence, it is popular among many Singaporeans when picking outdoor furniture!

The wicker technique became increasingly popular in the early 1900s during the Arts and Craft Movement. The weaving process allowed for intricate patterns and designs, giving wicker furniture a unique aesthetic appeal.

Because of that, wicker furniture is famous for its timeless charm and organic appeal.


What is rattan material?

Rattan, on the other hand, refers to the specific material used in furniture construction. A climbing palm native to tropical regions, rattan canes are known for their flexible and sturdy stems.

Historically, rattan has been used for making sports equipment, weaponry, wicks for essential oils, and homes in rural areas. Today, rattan is the go-to choice when making furniture!

Rattan furniture is made by weaving the pliable rattan core to form the structure of a piece. The natural beauty and durability of rattan make it a popular choice for indoor furniture.


Rattan vs Wicker: Factors to Consider

This section will refer to rattan as a natural material and wicker as a synthetic material for simplicity.

Durability and Strength

outdoor space

Both are popular indoor and outdoor furniture choices due to their lightweight, unique aesthetic appeal and ability to withstand various weather conditions.

The strong rattan cores allow rattan furniture to withstand a fair amount of weight. However, it might not hold up as well under harsh weather conditions.

On the other hand, synthetic wicker materials are designed to resist fading, cracking, and peeling and can be more durable for outdoor use.

Weather Resistance

all weather wicker chair


If you plan on using the furniture outdoors, synthetic wicker is usually a better choice. It's specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions like heavy rain and intense sunlight.

Natural wicker can be used outdoors but in sheltered areas without direct sunlight or rain exposure. If exposed to the elements for prolonged periods, it tends to weather faster and deteriorate.


Synthetic wicker furniture generally requires less maintenance than natural rattan.

It can easily be cleaned with a cloth and mild soapy water. Rattan furniture, while still relatively easy to maintain, may require occasional treatment to prevent cracking or splitting.

Learn more about rattan care here! []


Natural rattan may be a better choice if you're concerned about sustainability. It's a renewable resource, and the harvest of rattan vines can be done to promote the health of the forest where it grows.

Synthetic wicker is usually made from non-renewable petroleum-based products, although some brands use recycled materials.


So which is better?

Ultimately, it all comes down to your choice of style and intended use when shopping for either wicker or rattan furniture.

Both can add a touch of elegance and beauty to your living space, providing you with stylish and comfortable furniture options.

Remember to consider the specific needs of your space and personal preferences - when it comes down to it, the best choice is what makes you happy!


The Best Online Furniture Store for Rattan and Wicker Furniture

wicker rattan

At Hemma Singapore, we are all about curating a collection of high-quality, sustainable furniture and accessories at direct factory prices.

This no-frills approach to furniture shopping and using natural materials strengthens our commitment to a greener future. We promise to give you the best experience possible while being fully online!

Best of all, we absorb any costs to ensure you have excellent furniture without breaking the bank. Thus, we provide free delivery (T&C applied) directly to your home!

Start shopping today!

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Create a Personal Oasis with These Balcony Design Ideas

Create a Personal Oasis with These Balcony Design Ideas

In Singapore, where space is often a premium, a balcony serves as a valuable extension of our living spaces. These outdoor areas offer a breath of fresh air, a place to relax, and an opportunity to connect with nature.

If you live in an apartment or an HDB flat with an expansive balcony space, it's time to transform your balcony into a functional and inviting oasis with a thoughtful design approach.

In this article, we offer you some balcony design ideas specifically tailored to Singapore homes.


Create a Balcony Garden

Two types of balcony ideas are very popular when creating a garden.

Vertical gardens

This is an excellent choice for those Singapore balconies with limited floor space. These living walls add a touch of greenery, provide insulation, and improve air quality.

balcony wall garden

Choose low-maintenance plants such as ferns, succulents, or flowers that thrive in the local climate.

Install a vertical garden system or hang planters on the walls to create a stunning vertical oasis that maximises space while complementing the balcony's relaxed vibe.

wicker planter box singapore

Wicker planters

If you have larger plants and are sick of mismatched pots and planters, consider upgrading to matching decorative planters!

Herb gardens

Most Singaporean households already use that extra space as a sunny spot for their plants, but you can consider taking it up another notch with a functional herb garden!

Basil mini greenhouse - Hemma Singapore

Basil mini greenhouse

Grow herbs such as basil, mint, rosemary, and coriander. For best results, consider getting a mini greenhouse!

Not only will you have fresh ingredients at your fingertips for cooking, but the aroma of the herbs will also give your balcony a delightful fragrance.

The small pots will also be consolidated in one sturdy space, so you won't accidentally knock them over the ledge as you move around.


Transform your balcony into a relaxing drinking spot

CAPRI cafe table

If you love entertaining guests or enjoy sipping a drink while taking in the view from your balcony, creating a drinking spot is the ideal project for you!

Opt for a compact table that fits well within the available floor area on your balcony. Ensure that the materials used can withstand outdoor conditions.

expansive balcony space turns elegant

SKANÖR outdoor chairs and side table set

Complete the setup with some comfy chairs. Remember, safety should be a priority when setting up a balcony bar, so seating should be sturdy and durable yet complement your aesthetic.

Prefer a more solo lifestyle? Opt for a side table and a sun lounger instead!

Lightweight Foldable Reclining Zero Gravity Chair

This reclining chair is a great option if you have limited space on your balcony, as it can be easily folded flat and kept aside when not in use.


Turn it into an outdoor dining room

long dining table family sized dining set

Vito rectangular teak wood outdoor dining table set

If you love the idea of an al fresco dining area, you can now recreate a cosy dining area outdoors!

When choosing the right furniture, use weather-resistant materials such as teak, aluminium, or synthetic rattan that can withstand outdoor conditions.

Make this dining area more comfortable and inviting by adding soft furnishings.

Always consider the balcony space and floor area when opting for an outdoor dining setup. For small spaces, you can consider using a custom-designed drop-leaf tabletop that can be folded and latched against the wall when unused.


Extend the space to a second living room

Whether you have a big or small balcony, integrating it as part of your living room is always a great idea for relaxation and entertainment.

Consider a cozy outdoor sofa or sectional with plush cushions or sleek yet comfy rattan lounge chairs. Add throws and outdoor pillows for extra comfort and a touch of style.

family room sofa set

 Minnesota Modular Sofa 3 seater

Also, enhance the visual appeal of your balcony by upgrading the flooring. Choose floor decking with wood, porcelain, or composite tiles. However, if you prefer a low-maintenance option, you can always go for artificial turf or outdoor rugs to add warmth and texture to the place!

These options can add a touch of elegance and create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

If you have the means, we also suggest adding a balcony window for the outdoor space so you can admire the view even during rainy weather.


Hemma Singapore - A One-stop Shop for All the Stylish Furniture You Could Possibly Need!

Elevate your home with Hemma's high-quality furniture and accessories that will make your home look stylish and inviting!

As a fully online store, we absorb any costs to ensure Singaporeans have excellent furniture without breaking the bank. You don't have to compromise the quality of your furniture or pay steep prices to get stunning furniture and home furnishings.

We offer exquisite and wide selections ranging from coffee tables, side tables, TV consoles, storage, bed frames, sideboards, and living and dining room furniture to customised pieces uniquely yours!

Buy designer furniture and start your interior design project from the comfort of your home.

Shop now and enjoy free delivery (T&C applied) on all orders!


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We are accepting payment by PAYNOW!

We now accept PayNow!

PayNow is a funds transfer service available to retail customers of nine participating banks in Singapore – Bank of China, Citibank Singapore Limited, DBS Bank/POSB, HSBC, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, Maybank, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and UOB.

Our store now accept payment through PayNow which also works through DBS Paylah platform. It is simple direct and immediate payment, why don't you give it a try!



Open your mobile bank app (Bank of China, Citibank Singapore Limited, DBS Bank/POSB, HSBC, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, Maybank, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and UOB)



Payment should be made to:

UEN: 200103269N


Using QR Code

- Open Bank app &
- Tap on "Scan and pay"
- Please scan the QR code and follow the rest of the instruction. 


 For more detailed instruction, please go to :

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About Mindi wood

About Mindi wood

Many of our products are produced from Mindi wood. Here is a little about it.

Mindi, which is naturally resistant to decay and fungi, is another name for white cedar wood. Dutch travelers and merchants brought it to Indonesia. The natives started growing the wood in plantations and named it “mindi.” The straight-grained lumber is native to and produced in the Solomon Islands, Australia, and tropical Asia with China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Papua New Guinea.

Extremely workable,—thus favored by artisans, cabinetmakers, and woodworkers— the naturally coarse wood sands smoothly, tolerates friction, saws easily, and dries effortlessly with less shrinking and warping than comparable materials. It is ideal in solid form, but also a favorite for veneers.

In Indonesia, craftspeople and workers employ mindi to make boxes, chests, flooring, furniture, as well as other furnishings and accessories. Beyond construction and artistries, mindi is also useful for medicinal purposes.

The white cedar (geringging) tree grows as easily in the forest as the wood works in the shop. The sapwood is a whitish yellow color, whereas the heartwood tends to be reddish brown. It is evergreen in tropical zones, but will shed its leaves for the winter in the right conditions.

Mindi has many names the world over. The geringging tree is commonplace in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Across the globe, it is also known as Chinaberry, bead tree, lelah, faux sycamore, paraiso, syringe berry tree, Indian lilac, Persian lilac, pride of India, Sichuan pagoda tree, violeta, and, of course, white cedar.

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Rattan Furniture in Singapore - Natural or Synthetic?

Rattan Furniture in Singapore - Natural or Synthetic?


Cane and rattan, a natural plant fiber, is both durable and flexible, which makes it a popular material for indoor and outdoor furniture making since long time back.

Natural untreated wicker is not meant for outdoor use and will deteriorate quickly on a patio or deck as sunlight and moisture from rain and heat take their toll on the canes. Coated or finished wicker furniture lasts longer in outdoor settings, since the wicker reeds are coated against the elements. However, exposure to constant sunlight and rain will eventually wear out and break the furniture apart. Rattan lasts far longer on a sheltered balcony, porch or indoors, with proper care it is known to last for generations

Here is some tips on rattan care in our sunny Singapore weather to prolong the life of your furniture.

- Clean gently: Dust the furniture regularly with a soft cloth. Furniture polish is not necessary, but can be used sparingly. 

- Dry wet rattan furniture well. Soaked and damp furniture should wiped with clean cloth and sun dried in the open. In our humid weather mold and mildew can grow quickly in the damp and dark environment. Take care not to bend the furniture while wet, it will generally return to its original shape. It is however recommended to prevent the furniture from getting wet.

- Treat mildew immediately:  If mildew or mold begins to form, remove it with bleach immediatelly. Make sure the furniture is dried thoroughly.

- Vacuum rattan furniture with the brush attachment: Use the brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner on woven and hard to reach parts of the furniture. A dry brush can also be used.

- Lift rattan furniture when moving it:  Don’t drag furniture, it might cause splitting to the leg. You can also install foot pads to protect the furniture and your flooring.

- Rotate rattan furniture: Natural fibre fades, this is not necessarily a bad thing, it is a natural process.To ensure that it fades evently, rotate the furniture regularly, you might also consider placing the furniture away from direct sun. 

- Heat: Keep furniture away from prolonged exposure from direct sunlight as rattan can warp and turn brittle from overly drying out. Natural plant fibres require a certain level of humidity so as not to dry out and split.

- Oil rattan furniture: Rattan or cane furniture can be treated with wood oil occassionally to prevent drying up.



Synthetic wicker is the most durable kind of wicker, It is made of man-made material. PVC, resin and acrylic wicker give the look of natural outdoor wicker patio furniture with more resistance to the elements, making it a better choice for uncovered outdoor space. There are many kind of material and quality for synthetic rattan. Better resin wicker contains UV coatings to resist color fading. Caring for plastic wicker is also very simple. you can wipe the furniture with soft cloth or simply wash it down with water. While all weather furniture of this material preserves its look for a long time, resin doesn't feel like natural wicker nor does it possess the charming irregular character of natural material.


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RGE Sweden

RGE Sweden



Our partner, RGE's product is available for pre-order, estimated arrival in late October.

RGE is a young dynamic furniture design house focusing on furniture with a modern Scandinavian look and feel. They specialize in TV-Media, occasional furniture but also in all other areas of your home including coffee tables, dining sets, desks, storage, shelves and hallway furniture. All of their products are designed to give maximum value for money using quality materials.

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