Interior trend

Interior trend

This coming season will be exciting, nature seems to be the main theme

Inside and out
Green space is the source of inspiration for next season. Vibrant, flora, brightly combined with white, shades of green and neutral colours.It  is a combination of modern romantic and rustic vintage. Used furniture is mixed with modern pieces for a personalised style. Outdoor furnitures are coming indoor.  We will still see a lot of printed fabrics with organic shape, vibrant colour on white. 

Varying shade of green and blue are being combined with white. Traditional marine style is given modern twist by turquoise. This will be a popular colour on everything from furniture to accessories. It will also appear on upholstered furniture. Wood will be the main material used for the colored furniture. Outdoor furniture will be painted in white and reclaimed wood furniture will be sought after.


Natural elements, gives modern, contemporary feel in the season's design. Materials, such as stone, wood and glass will be used in furniture and permanent fittings. Wood, leather and metal will be used liberally. We will see wickers and weaves also weathered look on wood and textiles. Natural colour will be dominating with faded linen in bedding and sofa fabric.

Sophisticated and ellegant pesonalised style is taking over the commercialised hotel lounge style that has been popular in the recent years. Vintage and modern is put together in harmony. Glowing warm colored metal like bronze and gold are popoular, it is fusioned with other material. It is used for table and chair base also as fitting and details. We will see more of luxurious stone as marble and granite in used as well.

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