Shopping online for furniture

Shopping online for furniture

So you need to replace that old coffee table or maybe you are moving into a new place, furnishing your home can be exciting but exhausting at the same time. Online furniture shopping gives you the convenience of scouring different stores at your convenience, saving precious time and energy.

It’s a jungle of online stores out there, local and oversea, promising delivery to your doorstep. There are so many different style of furniture around,  French industrial , Scandinavian classic vintage, modern retro, shabby chic, colonial, contemporary, minimalist, art deco, country style, the list goes on and on.

Start by finding the item that you want to purchase in a broad sense. This helps you to narrow your choices down, and can help you to find specifically what you are looking for quickly. Once you know exactly the furniture type and style you are looking for,then start comparing the prices at various online furniture retailers. When  you feel you  have found the right item at the right price, here is some pointer that you might want  to look into before clicking the buy now button.

Who are you dealing with?

Read through company’s profile so you know who you are dealing with. Most online store should have a physical address and contact number. If you don't see it, then it is not a good sign. Any online company and does not provide you a contact information is highly suspicious. Check out the furniture company online with a search. Find out what people are saying about them. Do you see complaints? Remember that negative comments are more common than positive as people tend to vent their frustation online, so occasional complaint is acceptable. If there are too many complains about them, it is better to stay away.

Is this really what you want?

Product description is very important, find out more about the material the furniture is made out of and all the other details. Measure, measure, not only to make sure that it fits in your place, but also that you can get it into your home through narrow corridors, stairways or elevators.




Will it look as nice in my home as it is in the picture?

Most of the pictures on online shop have been optimised to look its best. Zoom to look at detail or rely on unedited photographs that you might find . Product reviews will be useful too. If possible, visit the store  that sells the pieces you’re interested in so you can sit on and feel the furniture before you buy. If it is not possible to view the furniture before purchase, make sure they have a satisfaction guarantee. Try calling the company before purchasing to clear any doubt and to make sure you can talk with a live representative on the phone. Companies that can be easily contacted are often those with the best customer service and will work hard to keep you satisfied.


Make sure you are looking at the correct currency. there are many countries using $ currency, US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, among others

Company's policy

Do you have to pay for shipping? Furniture weighs a lot and will be expensive to ship. If the furniture isn’t quite what you expected, do they offer a satisfaction guarantee with helpful exchange and return policies. Warranty reflects the company's confidence in their quality, it also gives you a piece of mind.

Most of all, always remember to make sure that your transaction is secure.

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