Semarang Round Table | Teak - Natural


Discover the timeless allure of our Semarang Round Table, meticulously handcrafted from premium teak wood. This exquisite round table have a light rustic look, seamlessly blends classic charm with unparalleled durability, showcasing the natural beauty of teak with its warm hues and distinctive grain patterns. Ideal for both casual family dinners and stylish gatherings, the versatile round shape promotes intimate conversations, while the expertly polished surface ensures easy cleaning and enduring visual appeal.

Embrace sustainability with our Java Round Table, featuring responsibly sourced teak wood for an eco-friendly statement piece in your home. Transform your dining space into a haven of sophistication, where quality craftsmanship meets timeless elegance. Invest in the enduring charm of our Java Round Table and create cherished memories around this stunning centerpiece – a perfect synthesis of style and practicality that stands the test of time.



Dia 120cm; Height 75cm

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